The thought of navigating…

What is it about the sight of a boat on water that speaks to the heart? Is it the overall look? The lines, the design, the angles? Maybe it’s the promise of adventure. The thought of navigating your way around whatever body of water you call home stirs something deep within your soul. Particularly beautiful are the blue hull traditional down east power boats, in which we specialize.

Mid Atlantic Yacht Sales is a place for people who recognize and appreciate the beauty of boats. It’s a community where yachtsmen can come together and share their passion for the sea. This is where we buy and sell these seafaring works of art. This is where we celebrate beauty.

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Fins is a 2018 MJM 40z, hull #81, delivered in March 2018. She was transported from North Point Yacht Sales, Annapolis, MD to Savannah, GA, where she has resided at a private dock at Spring Island, SC, cruising Port Royal Sound area as far north as Charleston.

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